Let’s Get Ready to Identify What You Must Avoid to Reduce Sugar Cravings NOW!!!

Hi Beautiful!

In case we haven’t met I’m Coach Ebonie, FitMomDiva and I absolutely LOVE spending quality time with my family and friends, traveling the world, riding roller coasters, appreciating art and creativity, dining out at restaurants, coaching women all around the world, and enjoying the sunshine and beach!

I don’t have a sugar addiction, but I LOVE Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, red velvet cake, pineapple upside down cake, cheesecake, and chocolate lava cake! Even though I eat primarily pure, healthy foods I sometimes enjoy these indulgences while I’m maintaining a physique that appears to be at least 15 years younger than I actually am (even after having two c-sections). Can you believe that at one time I actually told a personal trainer that I wouldn’t be able to achieve a flat stomach after I had my daughter at age 30 just because I had a c-section?! He told me that my belief was basically hogwash. I didn’t believe him at the time. But now I realize that it can be done by reducing my sugar intake, stress level, and a few other tricks that I share exclusively with the ladies in my community.  

Sugar is one of the MAIN culprits to preventing sustainable, quality health! Because of this I’ve identified exactly what we ALL MUST avoid in order to Reduce Sugar Cravings!  

I wasn’t always consuming minimal amounts of sugar though!  

Out of habit I used to drink flavored sugar water for hydration.  

Now, I actually crave room temperature water like it’s going out of style. It always quenches my thirst!  

In this eye-opening 7-Day Sugar Reduction challenge we are going to dispel some popular myths and get your waist line and health to a place that you can be proud of (and even flaunt if you want to)!  

As a result of being consistent and dedicated to reducing your sugar intake you can expect:

  • Smoother, Younger Skin
  • Less Cellulite
  • Fuller Hair 
  • Increased Clarity while engaging in work or school tasks 
  • Increased Patience at home while taking care of the family
  • Increased Energy (even your lowest points in the day)  
  • Greater Confidence to make quality career and life decisions (and actually increase your desire to go to work each day)
  • MORE money in the bank (Yes, I’m going to explain how that’s possible even while eating organic and fresh, quality food)  
  • Slimmer waist line, slimmer waist line, slimmer waist line (Did I say slimmer waist line enough times? :) )  

It’s really simple, Beautiful!

Just join and actively engage in my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group so that you can instantly learn about successful stories and witness RESULTS from ladies who have already experienced and completed this full 7-Day Sugar Challenge. Once you’re inside my community registration for this 7-Day challenge is only a one-step process!  

Also, as a gift for being so pro-active I will gift you a copy of my quick recipe guide which includes simple, savory, healthy recipes you can make in 25 minutes or less.  

Oh! And you do NOT need to 100% give up sugar during this challenge to earn the cool prizes you’ll get for participating like these ladies in the private challenge group did!