21 Days to Creating MORE Time & Kicking Stress 

Say Goodbye to Hot Mess and Hello to Haute Success in:


Do you feel like you are waiting for a future event to relax and just BE?


Maybe like your kids growing up or your debt to be paid off to RELAX? 

If that’s the case, then something ain’t right, sister. 

My 21 day course was created to help you do just that. 

It is a strategy and empowerment course for stressed out women who know something has to change. 

It’s time to put your well-being first, and learn to live in the NOW. 

This 3 week course is for you if you are ready to: 

  • Create MORE time 
  • Find your center of power 
  • Kick stress goodbye 
  • Identify which activities you do that are killing your time 
  • Develop a career and life portfolio 
  • Engage in new, fresh activities that nourish your soul and reduce stress 

Even in the midst of chaos, you CAN maintain your internal locus of control and handle it all like the queen that you are. 

Unfortunately, most women who pass you by on the street are not equipped with the tools and knowledge to live their life in the present moment, not worrying about the future. You can be different. 

Here’s what a former client had to say:

21 Days to Creating MORE Time & Kicking Stress

"As a two time participant of Ebonie's boot camp, I can definitely say it was worth my time and money! 

The program was extremely organized into daily activities focused on self-introspection. In addition, there were supplementary videos for each activity that provided additional information. 

My favorite feature of the boot camp was Ebonie's support and encouragement. She never failed to answer any of my questions and was highly interactive with me via Facebook. Upon completion of the bootcamp, I gained introspection about how both my eating habits and mentality impacted my weight loss journey. 

I highly recommend Ebonie and her services to any woman looking for a jump start to weight loss and healthier eating!"

-Angela Orange

It's time to take back your body and your sanity. You have this ONE life and you know you are entitled to health, happiness and ALWAYS FEELING YOUR BEST!

No, being stressed is not “okay.” Just because everyone talks about it and accepts it as normal, does not mean you have to. 

You CAN turn your perspective around. 

Yes, you can remain positive at your core, even when things around you are in chaos. Storms happen. It’s a part of life. You can’t control that. How you react to storms IS in your control. I’m living proof. If it sounds weird or unattainable, it’s only because most people passing you by on the street don’t think this way. Those who have figured it out are reaping the benefits. 

If you aren’t already happy, happiness won’t just land in your lap one day. 

Women who have that figured out think differently than most. First of all, these women are geniuses with managing their time. They know what the rest of us don’t. What we think is worthwhile is not worthwhile to them. 

They know what to put their energy into, and what NOT to put their energy too. 

I can show you all this.

Women who do it all don’t necessarily work harder. They just know things mainstream doesn’t.

"I would recommend anyone to Ebonie for health advice or career choices. 

She's so professional at what she does and highly knowledgeable about everything she teaches. Her personality tops everything off. 

You won't regret enrolling into one of her courses or coaching programs. Plus, she replies to questions and concerns quickly and is always helpful. I learned so much I had never thought about before from her Bye Belly Bloat course and I'm sure her future courses will also be top-notch. 

Hop on the train and join her circle of amazing women!" 

- Monique Hume 

21 Days to Creating MORE Time & Kicking Stress

With My 21 Day Course, You Will:

  • Discover your unique emotional triggers and learn to create new solutions to your challenges 
  • Find your internal locus of control and learn to maintain it through life’s storms 
  • Cut out activities that are a waste of time and do nothing for your higher good 
  • Clear excess baggage from your life 
  • Cut out stress that leads to cortisol and weight gain 
  • Discover your unique emotional triggers and learn to create new solutions to your challenges 
  • Identify your interests and temperament, and work with them, not against them!


Let’s break it down: 

Days 1-7: You will implement a specific method to differentiate worthwhile activities from those that are time drainers and energy wasters. You’ll immediately see you have MORE time for you, less stress, and perhaps will recoil in shock at how much time you wasted in the past. The only downside is you will wish you had known this sooner! But...It’s never too late to start! 

Days 8- 13: This is a continuation of days 1-7 where you will continue to find room in your schedule. I will teach you another method to clear excess baggage from your life. From now on, you won’t be able to unconsciously waste time and ask where it went. With the tools I am giving you, you’ll be able to discern what’s valuable for you and what’s not. 

Days 14-21: You will adopt a new activity that you can do in just 10 minutes a day. It’s a life-changer and helps release energy, connect with your spirit and soul, and which research shows has health benefits (including relieving stress). 

21 Days to Creating MORE Time & Kicking Stress

Why Am I Qualified To Teach This Course?

I help driven career women enhance their core life purpose, get fit, haute & kick stress to create a body & lifestyle they love! As an International Holistic Health Coach with Master's degrees in Health Science and Career Counseling, as well as a Myers Briggs Personality Type certification, along with other credentials, I have helped my clients time and time again exceed their health and fitness goals, and find that balance they so need, so they can live their optimal life. Plus, all throughout my 30's and beyond I've learned how to look and feel GREAT while carrying very minimal stress!

21 Days to Creating MORE Time & Kicking Stress

“...Working with you helped me to do a lot of self-reflection. 

The assignments really make you take a look at self and find out what drives you or keeps you from committing...I enjoyed the self-pace and the videos. I was able to play them and listen while resting at home or while at appointments. I was able to work on assignments while putting my nephew to bed at night. 

Working with you was easy. You are a night owl like me so a lot of communications is not during the core hours that I am busy at work. I liked receiving the live feeds. I was able to lay my phone down and cook and listen as you delivered information to us on a daily basis.” 

-Danielle Frazier

"I’ve been following Ebonie on social media for a few months now. 

I started taking notice when I saw that she was developing a fitness line designed to strengthen and empower women. I knew that was something I could stand behind. When she posted that she was planning a class to promote losing belly bloat, I was all in. 

Then I started thinking, “Is this just another class that’s going to have me on the floor doing crunches”. I’ve seriously had enough of those. I thought what the heck, I’ll support. Fast forward to two weeks later and I am seriously glad I decided to join. 

Ebonie provided so much information and encouragement it was unbelievable. I’ve considered myself pretty fit for a while now but I have so many valuable take-aways. I had no idea that I was totally reading nutrition labels wrong. Like probably many of us, I flip over an item and immediately look to see how many calories are included. I now realize the label tells so much more. I particularly enjoyed how upbeat Ebonie is and her transparency. I also like the fact that I have continued access to the material so that I can refer back to it for refreshers at any time. If you are on the fence about working with Ebonie, I say take the leap. It will be well worth it. 

I have many people that ask me about fitness and wellness. I now have someone that I feel comfortable directing them to. Thank Ebonie, you have been a tremendous help in my life. I look forward to working with you more in the future."

-Brenda Graham

21 Days to Creating MORE Time & Kicking Stress

Stop waiting for destiny or fate to change your life. Don’t waste your life away thinking circumstances will change and you will be stress-free. 

Take matters into your own hands TODAY.

Refund Policy 

Simplicity Healthstyle reserves the right to reschedule or cancel course in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If course is canceled by Simplicity Healthstyle, course participant will receive a 100% refund for the canceled course with the option to enroll into another course date selection. If course is canceled by participant no refund will be extended. In these unforeseen instances the course will be rescheduled on another mutually agreed upon date. Course participant will not receive a refund for any completed sections of the course unless participant is a recipient of a special reward offering determined by Simplicity Healthstyle.

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