LIVE your PURPOSE & get paid WELL for it...

EVEN if you have no clue what it is yet!

"Be More" Career Development

30-Day Transformation

  • Tweak an outdated bland, generic resume.  
  • Learn how to move/change career fields even in a challenging job market.  
  • Determine when to know if you need to go back to school and if it's even necessary.  
  • Learn to efficiently job search and land a job MUCH faster than old, traditional methods.  
  • Get past not having enough experience.  
  • Discover your true passion so that work feels like play.  
  • Learn how to ask for a salary increase in a way that shows off your value to the company and separates you from the rest

Your job makes ends meet, but does not satisfy you. 

You’re tired, stressed and maybe a bit soul-crushed. 

What you’d really like is a job that keeps you feeling financially secure, 

but gets you to jump out of bed in the morning ready to take on the day! 

I was in the same spot years ago...

Working for corporate America...I wasn’t living. I was waiting for weekends and holidays to live. I didn’t have enthusiasm for the first 30 minutes of my day, let alone my 8 ½ hour shifts. The highlight of my workday was the 15 minute game-playing time management gave us every day. The last thing I was motivated to do when I got home was cook healthy meals and workout.  

One day, I stepped out of my comfort zone and took the same steps I am showing you in this course. It was a financial risk, because I was getting paid well in the job I disliked. In the end, things worked out because I made all the right moves BEFORE I quit. I did some introspection and identified my purpose. When you find your true passion, somehow things always work out in the end. I am now thriving. Even though I was comfortable financially, I now do what I love, helping and inspiring other women. This can be you. Will you allow yourself? 

I can help you achieve what I did for myself. Together, we can identify your calling. (It usually takes me less than 60 minutes of talking to someone to see what they’d be good at.)  

“But Ebonie”......  

“I can’t just leave my job.”  

“What if I identify my purpose and realize it’s not the right one?”  

“Not all passions, like art, will be able to support me. Come realistic.”  

“I need a degree.”  

“My partner will never support me.”  

“I’m just too exhausted from my kids and job. I don’t have time.”  

Trust me...I’ve heard it all.  

I can’t just quit your job and chase after a dream. You have obligations, bills, a family. That’s why I created this course- to set you up so you can strategically plan out your next moves BEFORE you leave your current job. Join my community of gals who are living examples of what I am showing you.

"I used to be so shy about taking pictures for social media because I didn’t want for people to connect my face with my blog content. It felt very personal and taking pictures seemed like over-exposure. I grew so much as a result of taking Ebonie’s Be More Career Development course that one day I just bit the bullet and posted a testimonial video for her because I just had to let my friends know that she is the real deal. She helped me become more self-aware about my path to become a speech and language pathologist while also monetizing my passion online in the blogging space! I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her and even share my story via her YouTube platform for other women to know that they are not alone!"  

 - Karina Magdangal

"I wasn’t sure if Ebonie would help me because her clientele consists of mostly women. But I reached out to her anyway and I’m so glad I did. She helped revamp my resume, cover letter and provided me with job interviewing tools I hadn’t even been exposed to. I received multiple job offers after working with Ebonie and I received one of the offers within only 4 days! I believe it was partly because she told me key specific phrases I must remember to mention in my job interview. I’m so glad we connected BEFORE my interview so that I was prepared for the job I wanted! I’ll be sure to recommend her to my wife next time (smile)." 

- Dane Fahnestock  

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