30-Day Bust-Through

Mindset Camp

  • Lose up to 10 pounds in 30 days. 
  • No rigid diet plans, shakes, or pills. 
  • Change your habits and keep the weight off for LIFE.
  • Get personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques. 
  • Complementary Career Purpose Coaching.  

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 Unfortunately, Coach Ebonie is only able to accommodate up to 15 driven women per private group so she can give each one the time and attention she needs. Don't wait another minute! Sign up now!

As a child, I used to love Doritos and Kool-Aid (my main source of hydration). By changing my mindset, I learned to love embracing a healthy lifestyle, and the women I see in the mirror is proof. This may surprise you, but the habits that are second nature to me today took decades to learn. I am saving you years (and tears of pain) by teaching you all I’ve learned in the 30 Day Bust-Through Mindset Camp. Don’t wait another minute!  

I’m not here to teach you the difference between an apple and a donut! You already know that. Lack of information is not the problem today. Your mindset is, and it will make or break you. Changes in the body must first begin in the mind!  

And Now for the Juicy Details...  

With the 30-Day Bust-Through Mindset Camp you’ll earn AMAZING results as you...  

  • Participate in LIVE Facebook streams (or calls) with me.  
  • Join a private Facebook group.  
  • Get unlimited email access to me.  
  • Listen to audios that are only available to those who take this course.  
  • Receive personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques.  
  • Complementary Career Purpose coaching, which includes resume enhancement, job search strategies, and identifying your core purpose so you can make healthier choices overall.  

The Course Timeline

Self-Reflection (Days 1-7) 

- Learn why countless women quit their healthy lifestyle after only a couple weeks and how you can be different. - Embrace new habits and attract positive changes by shifting your mindset. - Identify your personal values and goals. 

Create Your New Health Story (Days 8-14) 

- Learn how you can change your story about health and fitness. For example, if you were teased as a child for your weight or picked last in gym class, you can change your backstory and learn to love exercise and eating healthy as an adult. - I will give solid analysis and resolutions using techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy during the LIVE Streams in our Mindset Facebook group or on calls with you. These techniques will help you identify your triggers and what to do to offset those triggers to create a new mind and body, a transformation you will be proud of.  

Your past health story is not a life sentence!  

Career Satisfaction and Your Health (Days 15-21)

- Reframe your current identity into the person you want to become. - Understand the connection between career satisfaction and having optimal health. - Learn which people and places will personally take YOU to the next level to allow significant changes to occur in your life. - I will give you a personalized mindset trick to help you identify how your current career may be keeping you stuck from transforming your body!  

Your Mindset Toolbox – (Days 22-30) 

- Learn how visual, auditory, and sensory cues can accelerate the pace to transform into your BEST self. - PLUS, learn how to control your healthy lifestyle rather than letting it control you by making it enjoyable! - I’ll introduce visual cues and other tools that you can immerse yourself into change your habits for life. I personally started using these techniques in my 20’s and 30’s and they are now as natural as breathing to me.  


Refund Policy Simplicity Healthstyle reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a course in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If a course is canceled by Simplicity Healthstyle, course participant will receive a 100% refund for the cancelled course with the option to enroll into another course date selection. If course is cancelled by participant no refund will be extended. In these unforeseen instances, the course will be rescheduled on another mutually agreed upon date. Course participant will not receive a refund for any completed sections of the course unless participant is a recipient of a special reward offering determined by Simplicity Healthstyle