Say Bye to Belly Bloat, Get Unbelievably Healthier & Shrink Your Waistline In:


Are you a young, modern and driven career woman who has limited time to work out, but needs to lose up to 50 pounds? 

Have you gained weight in the last few years as a result of work stress and/or kids?

Have you tried different diets that haven’t worked out for you, and you kept falling off the wagon because you didn’t have the support you needed?

Do you have limited healthy recipe options? Maybe you eat the same basic foods or have to cook for your family as well?

Don’t waste mental energy on your weight, when you can instead work on building your dreams!

Weight, lifestyle and career are more related than you think. 

Being out of shape results in a lack of clarity and focus, which affects how well you show up for your job and your goals.  

Watch your life take a 180 degree shift when you change your mindset. I mean, have you ever seen someone change their life around after having a child or making a spiritual shift? Yeah, it’s like that. Way powerful.

When you change your mindset permanently, you change your relationship with YOURSELF!

After trying to get a flat belly after having my second c-section at age 30 I used to read a lot of b.s health articles and implement flat-belly techniques that was pure garbage. 

I didn't know the techniques were garbage at the time because they seemed like legit, healthy choices. I spent a lot of time, money and energy eating foods that actually contributed to belly bloat rather than shrinking it.

Now I apply concepts from the over 100 dietary theories I'm trained in to keep a swim suit ready, healthy, haute bod year round, and sometimes I indulge on red velvet cake, chocolate lava cake, cheesecake and pineapple upside down cake. 

You don’t have to feel deprived to exceed your goals!

I'm sharing my secrets with you in a fun, casual, no b.s fashion, so you can stop implementing techniques that simply DON'T work.  

Imagine what would happen if you could master your thinking to permanently change your habits?! 

Imagine if you put in the work and integrated the lifestyle changes you need to drop 20, 30, 40 or even 50 pounds!

Guess what? If you show up every day, you’ll see the results in the mirror. 

During this 14 day bootcamp, I'll show you exactly how to master your thinking to permanently change your habits. We’ll work together to integrate the lifestyle changes you NEED to drop the pounds. 

With consistent implementation you’ll see visible results in the mirror!

It's time to take back your body and your sanity. You have this ONE life and you know you are entitled to health, happiness and ALWAYS FEELING YOUR BEST!

This course is NOT about teaching all women to look the same (cuz that’s impossible). 

Instead, this course will teach you how to begin making small changes to increase your health. 

Let’s agree to be less reliant on pills, prescriptions and rigid exercises and more reliant on food found in nature and engaging exercises to spark optimal health all while indulging on special treats occasionally...

You don’t have to feel deprived to exceed your goals!

I know what it's like to find a difficult work/life balance and struggle with my figure. 

Trust me, I’VE BEEN THERE. 

Now I work with women everyday who are in the exact same position as I was. I’m a thriving women in her upper 30’s, in radiant health with a body I love. I now have a flourishing business and have the time and energy to run around after my kids and indulge in fun and self-care when I need it. 

For me, being healthy does not feel like a chore and I maintain a slim physique and am able to wear bikinis and skin tight clothes without feeling insecure or worrying about a muffin top. 

But it wasn’t always this way. After I had my second child at the age of 30, cellulite and a gut closed in on my reality, I realized I couldn’t continue to overindulge in junk food unless I wanted to hide under clothes all the time. 

And now, I rock any outfit I choose, and even walk runways! Rarely do I analyze myself in front of the mirror. I just eat healthy and my weight is maintained. Breaking through mindset and behavioral barriers is the best thing I ever did for myself! 

Each day, I help other ambitious women who are balancing stressful careers, families and trying to realize their own dreams as well. As an International Health and Career Coach with a Master’s in Health Science and Career Counseling, as well as a Certified Myer Briggs Evaluator, along with other credentials, I have helped my clients time and time again exceed their health and fitness goals, and find that balance they so need, so they can live their optimal life. 

My clients consistently EXCEED...that’s right...EXCEED, their weight loss goals. Why? Because they get one-on-one support from MOI and they get the customized tools they need to shift their mindset PERMANENTLY. Too many people don’t realize how much power their thinking has over their lives. With this new program, I’ll help you get the same results as my clients!

I really enjoy Ebonie’s upbeat personality. She planned videos, assessments, and topics ahead of time for us to discuss and they helped me in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and wellness. I hired Ebonie to help improve my energy levels via nutrition and fitness and I definitely recommend her to others looking to do the same. 

Eneida C., Brandon, FL

During the 14 Day Bootcamp, you will learn:

  • How to recognize the stress-eating pattern and which foods to avoid.
  • Which sneaky food ingredients contribute to weight gain & belly bloat.
  • Which mindset techniques help kick stress eating when under pressure.
  • Which food marketing tricks yield an increased waist line & how to choose waist-reduction options instead.
  • The BEST way to achieve your weight loss goal of up to 50 pounds the RIGHT way.
  •  And more nutrition, fitness and health secrets Google doesn't tell you...!

Best of all? I’m offering you a value packed course with over $500 of content, for a limited time special price of only $97!

Now...let me break down what you usually get for only $97! 

  •  Days 1-3: Understand how our goals and values help prep our mind before starting any health and fitness program (what we MUST know before getting started). 

  •  Day 4: Understand Why We desire to eat healthy and exercise even when our family and friends are not on board. 

  •  Day 5: Identifying 5 Key elements in how to make changes that stick once you identify what to eat. 

  •  Day 6: Conquering mindset challenges by utilizing an effective visualization strategy that works! 

  •  Day 7: Identify the most accurate way to measure weight loss so that our frustration is minimized. 

  •  Day 8: How to not get sucked into misleading food label marketing (what to watch out for)! 

  •  Day 9: Understand WHY so many of us CRAVE sugar and what to do about it!

  •  Day 10: Grasp the amazing benefits of my favorite type of physician-approved nutritious salt and how it can work wonders for you too.

  •  Day 11: Identify what to do when you HATE water, but know it’s good for you. 

  •  Day 12: Identify the surprising fact of how much sleep we REALLY need and how this improves our income, focus, and shrinks our belly.

  •  Day 13: Overcome squeezing in exercise with even the TIGHTEST weekly schedule.


  •  Day 14: Identify the top two scientifically-backed assessments every woman should take before starting ANY health and wellness plan in order to get results sooner and healthier for the long term.


Ebonie is wonderful! 

Her sessions are fun and informative. Within two sessions she helped me see things differently and achieve more positive relationships with others, including my family. 

She told me two phrases that have stuck with me in my mind and are helping me incredibly! 

Emili J, Saint Petersburg, FL

Let's Talk BONUSES

Not only do you get this revolutionary mindset-based training and scientifically-backed nutrition and fitness tips that will shift your habits forever, you also get: 

  • Two bi-weekly teleconference Q & A sessions of up to 60 minutes.
  • Unlimited email support during length of course and lifetime access to my FB group membership
  • Up-to-Date Videos, articles and guided Q & A activity worksheets.
  • Massage, Fitness, Food and Wellness PRIZES.
  • Opportunity for one or more personalized online personal training sessions so you can learn how to exercise effectively even from the comfort of your own home!

In addition, I'm also offering you HUNDREDS of dollars of FREE additional resources and personal support so you can take back your haute body and get the clarity and energy for your job, your family and your DREAMS. (Stop putting those on the backburner. I guarantee you, if you felt better physically, you could do a lot more with those!) 

Get back the confidence and vitality you forgot you had!

Say Bye to Belly Bloat, Get Unbelievably Healthier & Shrink Your Waistline In:


Refund Policy 

Simplicity Healthstyle reserves the right to reschedule or cancel course in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If course is canceled by Simplicity Healthstyle, course participant will receive a 100% refund for the canceled course with the option to enroll into another course date selection. 

If course is canceled by participant no refund will be extended. In these unforeseen instances the course will be rescheduled on another mutually agreed upon date. Course participant will not receive a refund for any completed sections of the course unless participant is a recipient of a special reward offering determined by Simplicity Healthstyle.

I’m giving you over $500 of value for only $97. For those who can’t invest in personalized one- on-one coaching, this is the next best thing. It’s actually a steal! I wish I had been offered this while I was implementing all the WRONG techniques and going nowhere fast. You get personalized email support and information-packed online group video chats, PLUS a community of like-minded women to walk through the course with and hold you accountable even upon course completion. Once the $97 course investment increases (which is soon) that’s it. I will not offer it at this rate again. So reserve your spot now and take advantage of this great deal now while you can. [GET THIS HAUTE OFFER NOW] Just wait until you’re observing your transformation in complete AWE while your friends and family marvel and ask for your secrets and how you finally did it this time! I believe in you! 

Now it’s time for you to believe in yourself!

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